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by Papa Penguin


Five meals a day. About 75 grams each. And that's not the size of the meal I'm talking about—it's the size of the chicks, right after they hatch. Every day, we feed our growing baby birds 10% of their body weight, a combo of formula "fish shakes" and filleted herring. Where do you think it all goes?

That leads me to the subject of this post: Penguin poop! I call it "ejecting." The birds pick up their stubby tails, and a stream of white liquid goo shoots out. Just like a little nozzle. It may look messy, but actually, penguins are pretty neat birds. The reason for their projectile-pooping style is simple: In the wild, they want to keep their little homes tidy. So they will back up their behinds over the edge of the nest, and shoot! As for cleaning it up—just think of washing down splatter-paint, and you'll get the idea of what we deal with!

Life in the Nursery


Life in the Nursery

Baby's Firsts


Baby's Firsts